My Wanderlust


Hi World!

My name is Herbert Gross and I had wanderlust since I was a teenager in Argentina. It started when I was in my last year of elementary school. I was given the opportunity to board a propeller plane and flew for about 20 minutes over the city of Buenos Aires. The awe I felt to see the city and its environs from high, was indescribable and I couldn’t wait to see more. However, in Argentina during the 50’s, traveling for boys of poor families, (as mine) was not an easy option. So,  I just could visit some places near Buenos Aires, which could be reached by bus or train.

My break came when I was almost 20 and I decided to emigrate with my father who was going to live in Canada. An uncle gave us an affidavit, I borrowed some money and got a plane ticket to Miami, FL. I’ll be talking in my next pages, about that trip and others I took. And you are invited to read and comment on them, if you so desire.

I also want to talk about other subjects (thus the “more” part of the blog’s title): society, politics, current affairs, books, movies, etc. Again your comments are most welcome, please join the conversation.

I appreciate my readers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can contact me via e-mail (see the address under Contact) and to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve upon.