Our Train Trip to the West – Intro


A Train Trip to the West

Western Sky


In May of 2008, Marité and I  made a trip to the West, mostly by train – although we also traveled by bus during some portions of our voyage. Our tour started in Chicago’s Union Station were we boarded the Southwest Chief, a train that departs Chicago, IL and ends in Los Angeles, CA. Our farthest western destination was San Francisco, CA, from where we returned via the California Zephyr, which travels eastward back to Chicago. We stayed and/or visited the following places:

Before starting our train voyage and also at the end of our railroad trip, we did some sightseeing in:

So, lets start our journey to the West on board the Southwest Chief. Unless you prefer to board with us the California Zephyr on our way back to the East, or go directly to one of our destinations by clicking one of the links above or on the left. Hope you enjoy this narrative, as much as we enjoyed our trip.